Geo Angel Blue Review

Hi Guys! This is an updated review on the Geo Angel Blue Review I did a couple of months ago. I wanted to start it over and make it better.
This is a picture of the Geo Angel Blue Design that you will be seeing in the photos below.
Taken with Flash
Taken in Dim Room Lighting
Taken in Natural Lighting
Detail / Pattern Close - Ups
I have taken photos in flash, without flash, room lighting and also in natural sunlight.

COMFORT: 8.5/10. also known as the standard.
The Angel Blues don't give me much of a hassle but compared to my other lenses they do, maybe it has to do with the pigments in the lenses that make it uncomfortable in my eyes sometime? I'm not sure. They are the darkest lenses that I have.

These lenses are pretty natural looking considering it all, the limbal ring makes it a bit dramatic but I think if you were to walk out somewhere public people would notice, the color is very bright when you're outside and also they wouldn't be able to see your real eye color unless they were about 3 feet away or closer.

I would recommend them, especially for those who want a little bit of drama.

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