GEO Nudy Blue Review

Hey everyone! I'm back with my mini haul of GEO circle lenses. I took long enough right? I just recieved them yesterday but I have to soak them for at least 6 hours so I decided to let them soak throughout the night. Well here it is.

COMFORT: 10/10 it is amazing, these lenses are the most comfortable out of all the lenses that I own. It feels like I am not wearing anything on my eyeballs and they feel so breathable.

COLOR: The color of these nudy blues was brighter than I had expected, I was hoping they were darker and more subtle, but they aren't really unless you're in dim lighting. So, regardless of that I am very impressed. I love how bright they are and the pixel pattern is  really cool, and I like it alot because it in-between opaque and not. They are very crystally, if that was a word. I get the famous 'halo effect' with these. I can see myself wearing these everyday because of the comfort. I am actually wearing them right now. I am able to wear these longer than 4 hours with a bit of help from my eye drops.

You can check out my video of this review on my youtube channel once I edit and upload.lol.
In the video there will be a lot of pictures, because I really like these, alot. These are a great series for beginner circle lenses adventurists.