My Candy Eyes

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to get out a word about MCE and their website.
My Candy Eyes in my opinion is a very good website. It exceeded my expectations and I am now a regular customer of this webstore.
Their customer service is excellent and they always respond quickly and they also make you feel like youre the only customer of theirs even though you know youre not.
If you have any questions at all they will answer within the next 24 hours and that is really nice.
They have a lot of GEO lenses and are curently out-stocking their EOS lenses, because they are discontinuing their service with their supplier.

All their lenses are $20, and they come with a free lens case and keep up with the latest styles that come out on the market. They also sell the Super Nudy and Super Angel sizes at $20 dollars too!
Another plus is the free shipping to anywhere in the United States, for International order please visit their website for more details.
I love how they are determined to give you the lenses you order no matter what. I had an issue with one of my lens and they sent it to me but I hadn't recieved it. The mail carriers claimed the address was wrong. Okay. I asked if they could send it again because it WAS the right address.

No Package.

Another claim that the lenses were lost during shipping or some nonsense like that.
Okay, lost package meant I had to pick another item off their supply list of circle lenses - Geo Angel Blue.
I gave them another address along with the new order - I didn't have to pay extra for any of this.
My order came up in the mail and I was happy after 3 weeks of pure mail torture, and that's why they'll be the only website I go to for all my circle lens needs as long as they are up and running.

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