GEO Green Wing Review

Hello! This is a GEO Honey Wing and Green Wing Review a.k.a as the Olive Series. So first of all let me say that after days of researching I realized that this is the best choice for my first circle lenses. I fell in love with them. I really love the lighter shade of brown.

This picture was taken with a flash, I zoomed the photo to try to really capture the details of the lenses. I didn't have any makeup on -I had taken it off- so the true color of the lens would show. I hope it worked.

These are the only lens I purchased from eyecandylens.com. I was new to the game and new to online shopping. I looked at a site that had some sellers that were whitelisted and so I knew I was pretty safe. The only thing that I was disappointed was the fact that they were real slow in shipping me the package and after almost two months I knew I would not be ordering from them unless I had no choice. Of course, If you don't mind waiting an eternity, you can go check it out. They've remodeled their website for a more pleasant experience. Anyway, after that, I quickly started looking for another reputable seller. Wanna know who? mycandyeyes.com They're my fav. and I'm a regular.

COMFORT: 10/10 I love how smooth they feel, my eyes are really dry so I usually create artifical tears which are pretty much films of protein glazing my eyes in a tiny amount. Kind of gross, I know. These feel like any other contact lenses out in the market.
PATTERN: 10/10 I love the patter of these lenses they manage to blend in very beautifully and create a magnificant backslash limbal ring in a darker brown/green like this: ////
COLOR: 10/10 Natural color and blend. Depending on your own eye color the lens can appear lighter or will just blend into your own eye color, just leaving you with an enlargement for the brown. The green in sunlight will actualy shadow the entire eye making the entire eye appear green.
ENLARGEMENT: 14.00 - normal enlargement on the market. This is the usual number that you will find on most GEO products, but they also carry the larger lenses that range from 14.2 and up.

The Green Wing is very much like the Honey Wing except it's green! These came out about 2 months ago I believe along with the nudy pink circle lens. These lenses were purchased from mycandyeyes.com

To see videos on these circle lenses to see the lenses in action go to -->My Youtube Channel

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